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Sunset over Fox Glacier
High above worry level
Sunset over Fox Glacier
Trekkers on the upper Fox Glacier
Small groups
Maximum 4 participants per guide
Fox Glacier and Chancellor Ridge
Wild West Coast
Trekkers on Chancellor Ridge in front of the Fox Glacier
Evening light on crevasses on the Fox Glacier
Stunning sunsets
Evening light on crevasses on the Fox Glacier
Pioneer Hut on the upper Fox Glacier
Pioneer Hut
A storm clears on the Fox Glacier

Westland Glaciers Trek

A multi-day trek though amazing glaciated terrain!

Experience the remote upper areas of the spectacular Franz Josef and Fox glaciers in the Westland National Park. Fly over the lush West Coast rainforest, up the Franz Josef Glacier to the upper nevés. Hike between alpine huts taking in some easy peaks to admire the breathtaking views out over the Tasman Sea before returning down via Fox Glacier - a spectacular high alpine round trip.


Scheduled dates


Westland Glaciers Trek dates are scheduled on a case by case basis - please contact us with the dates you would like. We recommend that you settle guiding dates well in advance as guide availability during peak season is limited. Please allow extra time in case you are held up in the mountains due to weather.



Alpine Recreation provides all trekking and mountaineering equipment. Outdoor clothing, packs and boots can also be provided at no extra cost if necessary.

Westland Glaciers Trek Clothing & Equipment list