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16/09/14: We are now gearing up for the summer season and will be pleased to welcome back Wolfgang Maier as Chief Guide, Paul Aubrey, Martin Hess, Ewan Paterson, and Jono Hattrell. Gernot Lachmaier, UIAGM guide from Austria will be joining us for the peak of the high guiding season November - January.

Ball Pass Crossing Video

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12/09/14: We've had an amazing run of winter weather and despite poor snow cover Alpine Recreation has been able to run successful backcountry ski courses, alpine touring on the glaciers and in the Liebig Range, snowshoeing in the Two Thumb Range and even some nordic ski touring in the Pisa Range.

Introductory Climbing Course

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Alpine Recreation Canterbury Ltd was founded in 1981 by UIAGM-qualified Gottlieb Braun-Elwert, who pioneered the Symphony on Skis route, the Jubilee Fitzgerald-Copland Pass route, and achieved many notable climbing feats, including a winter ascent of Cerro Fitzroy, ascents of all New Zealand's 3000m peaks in one winter and ski traverses of the Patagonian Icecap and Alaska's Denali. One of Gottlieb's most rewarding guided ascents was with double-amputee Phil Doole on Aoraki Mount Cook. His safety research into short-roping and snow anchors continues to influence current climbing practices.
New Zealand's former Prime Minister, Helen Clark, now head of the United Nations Development Programme, continues to come back year after year to do trips with Alpine Recreation, especially ski touring.